Start up and create your own

By on 10/02/2019

Wow, it has been 4 months since I last wrote in my blog. That’s a big violation my own rule – to write at least…


Tag your Infusionsoft contacts with .NET Core

By on 04/10/2018

Putting my OpenSource implementation for the Infusionsoft API into action. Basically it’s about authorizing the hosted web application to access your Infusionsoft account. And then you can read all…


Open Source: infusionsoft.netstandard

By on 30/07/2018

A project of mine that ended, but the results contain quite some application code that could be useful to you perhaps. The first part that I want to publish…


Why you should separate your Fronts and Backs

By on 14/06/2018

Of I course I mean the Frontends and Backends.

Frontend is what the user sees and with which she or he communicates. Like a Webpage. Or…


Is it wrong to be good?

By on 25/05/2018

So here I am – almost three months working ‘on my own’. Meaning that I finally quit being an employee, and jumped into partnering up…